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This is just a quick post that summarizes what I use to build my products. This also serves as a reminder for me of the apps that I use on almost all of my products.


  • PHP – usually my go-to. I don’t particularly like frameworks (I absolutely hate Laravel), nor I like OOP.
  • Bulma – a simple CSS framework. I can’t stress enough how good this is. It lets me build things faaast. I love it.
  • DigitalOcean – for servers. They are very good and I’m in the process of migrating everything there. They have a feature that allows you to scale (down or up) your VM quickly. For fun products and projects, I use the much cheaper
  • Git – for version control
  • RollBar – for error tracking (cheap solutions include Zabbix and/or Greylog)
  • Hyperping – to monitor the health of my sites (ping) but also cron management


  • Stripe – to collect payments. I would like to use Paypal, but their API sucks.
  • – It’s a simple in-app chat but I like this tool a lot. Seeing people coming and browsing your website is incomparable.
  • Hotjar and Google Analytics – for insights
  • Mailgun – for transactional emails, in conjunction with Cerberus for responsive templates
  • Mailchimp and/or Mautic for marketing emails (the second one is self-hosted and open source)
  • Trello – for public roadmaps and user feedback


  • Xolo – for accounting
  • Profitwell – I build things in the open and this tool helps me calculating my MRR, plus I use it for dunning emails
  • Logodust – for easy copy & paste logos (no need to overcomplicate things, especially in the beginning)
  • Iubenda – for legal services, privacy and cookie policies
Thanks for reading.
Mike Rubini

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Mike Rubini