Remembering the future

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In music you have “riffs” and “ostinato” and you have a lot of musical forms that have repetition in them like, for example, the “theme and variation” form. I’ll just name two greats at this form: Mozart and Beethoven – maybe you know them.
Anyways, the beauty of repetition is that you know what comes next. Not only you get to know the future, but because what comes next has already been played, in a way you remember the future. Repetition is the only way you can do that with certainty, as well.
From this, you can extract another great principle that is very useful for me when I build products: you can’t have variation without repetition.
So, if you are trying to make an existing product on the market 1% better, the thing you must do initially is just repeating your competitor’s process until something breaks or a new door opens.
Thanks for reading,
Mike Rubini