Skills are blocks, but not legos

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Do not index
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Skills (for me) are little things you can do.
Maybe you can type fast. Maybe you can design better than the average guy. Maybe you can understand code. Maybe you can sing.
Those are skills, and skills are blocks.
Then, there are levels. Maybe you are level 1 in design and level 2 in singing.
The skills you accumulate define what you can and can not do. More skills != more output. Choose them wisely.
Also, there’s a cost: time. Unlocking a new skill needs time. Upgrading a new skill from level 1 to level 2 needs time.
Skills are blocks, but not legos. Instead of using them one next to another, you can merge them and create an entire new skill that is unique to you.
So, for example you can use your experience from singing beautiful lyrics in writing copy. Maybe you can combine design with your philosophy studies. Your skills = your UVP.
The beauty of skills is that they start to compound if you combine them.
Thanks for reading,
Mike Rubini