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We launched Podda.io (2021)

We launched Podda.io (2021)

At my company, we (which really means I), launch 5 or more products per year.

I write these “launch” posts as a way to encapsulate my thinking at the time of launch.

Here are some other launches that we made in the past:

* I launched Angage (now Cart, 2017)
* I launched Dealflow (2019)
* I launched Treendly (2019)

A couple of days ago we soft-launched Podda.io
I coded this in ~5 hours.

I often hear someone on one podcast and want more, but there’s not an easy way to find them elsewhere.

So, I tried to code a solution. Podda allows you to search podcasts by guest, and also receive a notification whenever a person you like gets on a new podcast.

I thought it would be useful for you readers to share what I think will be my path to profitability with it:

* Long term: dominate SEO for minor personalities and drive people searching for “X podcast” or “X podcast appearances”

* Short term: post Podda on revenant communities and forums, plus HackerNews, Reddit, and ProductHunt (please don’t hunt yet)

* Short term: Create profiles for the top Twitter profiles (permissionless). For example, Tiago forte , Shaan Puri, etc..

As for monetization, I don’t think the current model works. Currently we offer the ability to search for free, whereas the ability to monitor guests and get notified about new appearances is a paid feature.

I might make the monitor feature free and instead trying to sell access to our guests database.

Let’s see how it goes! 

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