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We launched JobScout.co (2021)

We launched JobScout.co (2021)

At my company, we (which really means I), launch 5 or more products per year.

I write these “launch” posts as a way to encapsulate my thinking at the time of launch.

Here are some other launches that we made in the past:

* I launched Angage (now Cart, 2017)
* I launched Dealflow (2019)
* I launched Treendly (2019)
* I launched Podda (2021)
* I launched Leadhall (2021)

Yesterday I made JobScout.co

It’s a remote job board that takes job opportunities out of Facebook, and it’s not yet launched because it’s part of a larger marketing plan.

Why make yet another remote job board? The market is saturated at this point.

Here are some considerations on why I decided to make this product a reality:

  1. I did it because I can, which really means not a lot of other people can
  2. I feel everybody is either copying Pieter Levels who owns remoteok.com, or using his API. This results in 100s of job boards publicizing the same jobs, which then results in more applicants for the employer, but more competition for applicants. With JobScout, I wanted to exploit a different source, Facebook, in order to get different kinds of jobs, which usually don’t get as much love and that you wouldn’t find on other remote job boards.
  3. I always look at opportunities to cross-sell my other products. In this case, JobScout is a side project that is owned and brought to you by Groouply, my Fb group monitoring tool. Everything aligns.

Ok, now on the product itself!

JobScout currently monitors job opportunities on Facebook and lets you filter them by fully remote or hybrid, and type of contract. You can then apply right on Facebook.

You can also receive an email newsletter with new remote job opportunities.

We are just scratching the surface with this, and we will implement more and more sources to get hiring intents out of Facebook.

In the near future, we will:

  • Include more filters (like job category, job location, salary, etc)
  • Serve an API

Let’s see how it goes!

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