Right people, right seats

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The team is growing! We onboarded a new SDR for the US time zones this week. Next week, we are onboarding a new freelance media buyer for Facebook.
Being a solopreneur for the longest time, I can appreciate how everyone is working on the right thing now. That gives me personal freedom to chill and think about the business from another perspective, but also work freedom to work on whatever I think it’s best that I personally work on.
For example, yesterday I played 3 padel games, while the team sold thousands of dollars in yearly contracts and machines delivered the service for hundreds of paying customers. That’s liberating.
I’m also thinking about how I can fully use the different skills we have on our team now. Some of the skills might be hidden. These might be not the main skills we hire for, but still valuable.
For example, Wendy on the team is a great SDR, but she is also a realtor in Portugal and an actress. That’s a weird combination that I love. And I believe, skills make up your UVP. Can we make use of her skills for TikTok ads? Another example: Myles is a new team member starting out as an SDR, but he is also studying finance. Can we make use of his skills on our tiny, bootstrapped fund that acquires small internet businesses? These are the type of things I’m thinking about now.
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Want to work on different SaaS products? We are currently looking for a junior dev. We have a small, atypical team. Everyone on our team is a contractor. Every team member has access to a pool of VAs they can use to free up time. We always pay on time, upfront.