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On volume

As a bootstrapped founder, I'm very aware of where my money is being spent. I'm very risk averse, and maybe because of my upbringing, a little bit cheap as well.

That mentality of course, is portrayed from choosing vendors to experimenting with customer acquisition channels, and everything in between.

One thing I would have liked someone to told me sooner was the significance of volume when running growth experiments.

I would run a Fb campaign for one month, then shut it off.
I would run a cold email campaign and just send 1,000 emails.

It just doesn't work that way.
To evaluate if a channel really works, you'll have to give it a proper run.

Don't send a 1,000 emails. Send 10,000. Send 20,000.
Don't run a Fb campaign for a month, run it for 3, 4 - 6 months.

Eventually, everything can work but you need to 100x volume.
Ask yourself: how can you go extreme?