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I'm #2 (or #3, or #5..)

I'm #2 (or #3, or #5..)

People, apps, courses.. they all claim to be #1 in what they do. Find me some that claim to be #2.

Nobody wants to be #2.

Well, I do.

With all the #1 apps for X and the #1 courses for X, your differentiation might just be “I made the #7 best course for X” or “The #4 app for X“.

Humans understand things visually.

When you say you are #1, you don’t really create a scale in the mind of the prospective buyers. All they imagine is the top.

When you say you are #4 on the other end.. that put things in perspective. They imagine a gap between you and the others at the top, but also you and all the others that are downward.

When you say you are #4, you create more spaces in the mind of the prospective buyers. And, you can negotiate far more easily within the spaces. 

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Mike Rubini

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