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The glass box

The glass box

I’ve talked in the past how your company is now a glass box. Everybody can see inside your organization.

And, I think you should let people in. Transparency is a great win-win.

Here are a few things I’m embracing on the dev/product side:

building in public: show people how you build things (maybe livestreaming?); serves as accountability, also inspires others

daily journal: write to think better and reflect

articles: help people solve a specific problem you’ve solved before

launch products: show your output and skin in the game

This also works for creatives:

∙ writers: show people how you write essays.

∙ musicians: show people how you make music.

∙ designers: show people how you make logos.

Creatives build an audience. Fans have fun learning. 

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Mike Rubini

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