Don't build for too long

Do not index
Do not index
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Eventually, all the solutions in a market end up looking the same and having the same features.
For example, take UpWork and Fiverr: two marketplaces who had a kind of distinct offer until now.
Here is Fiverr:
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And here is Upwork, who recently launched services:
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What do you see? The same thing.
This is true for other software out there as well.
For example, Todoist now has boards like Trello historically had. Trello has a table view and calendar view, AirTable has database view, Notion has it all (?).
Basically, they are all building the same product by now.
I get that these are large software and they want to appeal to a broader spectrum of users, but still the question remains.
How do I avoid being so close to other software products in the market?
To me it comes down to:
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