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Does it make sense?

Does it make sense?

This a blog post about finding the thing that makes the other things you do meaningless.

For me, that thing is music. And, I’ve always known.

First of all, when I hear music (whenever I play or not), I have no other thoughts. It’s like meditation in a way, its purest form.

The other thing is: everything else that I do during the day becomes meaningless: software, marketing, whatever it is.. these don’t make any sense anymore. 

Music is like the feeling of death, in the sense that it makes me question what I do. Does it makes sense to continue to work on software products?

Yes, it does – from a financial standpoint, at least. If I had no money problems, then I would not think twice about dedicating my life to music.

Music is for me the thing that makes other things meaningless. I wish you find that thing for yourself.

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