Living in our own bubble

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Most of the times we assume our market is saturated because we live and breathe in it.
I’ve been guilty of this myself.
For example, I’ve been working on Angage, my dropshipping tool, since Dec 2017. By now, I could say that the market for online tools like Angage is saturated.
I can even back my statement with facts: for example, I notice that a new tool on dropshipping gets launched every week on average.
The truth is that I’m over exposed to the market because I’m all over it, I worked on it for a long time and I still do.
Just a reminder to everyone that the only way to find out if a market is saturated is to get a feeling of the demand for your product/service by getting out of the bubble and running ads.
Hint: You don’t have to have the full product/service ready before testing the market.
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Sometimes you can test it by running surveys before offering your service or product.
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Some other times you can do it by
of your service/product and see how the target market reacts to it.